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Prison Break: Two Zimbabwean Men Escape From Botswana Prison


Two Zimbabwean nationals have raised panic in Botswana after escaping from prison despite having been charged with dangerous crimes.

The Botswana Prison Service has raised a red alert following the confirmed escape of two Zimbabwean nationals who are prisoners from the Moshupa Boys Prison.

Takudzwa Banga, aged 20, and Foster Mathe, aged 18, managed to abscond from lawful custody on Saturday at 15:15, triggering an immediate manhunt by authorities.

The escapees, both remanded in custody on charges of murder, have heightened concerns about their potential danger to the public. The Botswana Prison Service urgently requests anyone with information on their whereabouts to come forward promptly.

Prison Security Protocols Under Scrutiny
The escape of these individuals has raised pertinent questions about the efficacy of security protocols within the prison system. This incident underscores the necessity for a comprehensive review to prevent similar occurrences in the future. The fact that the two prisoners were charged with murder poses a threat to public safety.

In response to the escape, law enforcement agencies have mobilized resources for the search. They emphasized the need for collaborative efforts between authorities and the public. The successful evasion of Banga and Mathe has sparked community apprehension, highlighting the urgency of their capture.

Authorities advise the public to exercise caution and report any sightings or information that could aid in the capture of the escapees. The gravity of their escape and the potential risk they may pose to society underline the urgency of the situation.

Botswana Prison Service’s Commitment
The Botswana Prison Service remains steadfast in ensuring the safety and security of the populace. Exhaustive efforts are underway to locate and re-apprehend the escaped individuals. As the search intensifies, the cooperation and vigilance of the public are encouraged as crucial components in the collective effort to swiftly bring the fugitives back into custody.


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