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Man employs gang to m_rder business partner


FIVE men are facing charges of conspiracy to commit m_rder after they were allegedly hired by a Harare businessman to k!ll his partner following a nasty fallout.

The alleged hitmen are Moses Monde, 37, Malvin Manzinde, 30, Malvin Tatenda Nyamuranga, 33, Norbert Muponda, 45, and Joshua Mapuranga, 41.

The gang appeared before Harare Magistrate Stanford Mambanje on Friday and were sent to Harare Remand Prison awaiting bail hearing on March 25.

It is alleged the five were hired by one O’brien Mapurisa, who is yet to be apprehended.

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) alleges that the complainant Oliver Tendai Chipindu, entered into an agreement with Mapurisa to buy Liquified Petroleum Gas tankers worth US$800 000 before he made his contribution.

However, between November 2022 and January 2024, Chipindu reportedly tried on numerous occasions to get the paperwork for the purchase, but Mapurisa was evasive before he became fugitive.

Chipindu then contacted the company in Turkey but was informed that Mapurisa had not paid any money other than the US$132 000 deposit.

“He then contacted Mapurisa who confirmed that he had diverted the funds but promised to pay for the tankers as soon as he made the money back,” the court heard.

Upon realising that his partner was not cooperating Chipindu reportedly went to Turkey in February to make other arrangements to get the tankers delivered to himself.

Prosecutors allege that this angered Mapurisa who decided to hire the alleged hitmen, who were based in South Africa to k!ll his business partner.

The court heard Mapurisa supplied his hired team with Chipindu’s picture and the location of his residential address in Mt Pleasant.

“In pursuant of their plan accused persons armed themselves with unidentified pistols and travelled to Zimbabwe on 4 March 2024 and spent seven days looking for the complainant but could not locate him since he had travelled outside the country.

“They later returned to South Africa where they wanted to re-strategise with their master mind Obrian Obert Mapurisa,” read court papers.

Chipindu only became aware of the failed assassination attempt a few days later when he returned to Zimbabwe when his friend told him that Mapurisa sent people to k!ll him.

It is said the two then lured the five back to Zimbabwe where they reportedly booked lodging in Avondale where they were later arrested.

Their lawyer Moffat Makuvatsine, however, protested over placement of his clients on remand arguing that there was no evidence linking them to the alleged conspiracy.

Ruling on his application will be handed down when the five return to court.


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