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Watch : Temba Mliswa Takes Government To Task Over Covid-19 Preparedness


Temba Mliswa breathed fire over the manner in which government is handling Corona Virus.

The government was criticised for failing to provide protective clothing for frontline workers.

At yesterday’s National COVID-19 Taskforce meeting. My biggest disappointment lies in the fact that if Govt is unable to provide the basics for front line workers, then where are we going & what are we doing?

Hon. Monica Mutsvangwa eventually conceded that they don’t have resources. However maybe Govt is its own worst enemy in this regard. Companies & individuals are reluctant to donate where they are skeptical that their donations will go to their intended purposes

Companies are giving, but what is going where? We’ve countless accounts of goods being stolen by heartless people during times like these. Accountability & transparency are critical. Govt red tape & bureaucracy further slow things down unnecessarily. This is an emergency.

I was equally distraught regarding how returning residents were isolated atZiPAM without notice or preparation. The initiative to isolate returning residents before they rejoin their communities is commendable to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 but the effort is lost if they’re

Isolated at facilities that haven’t been adequately resourced or given training. It dangerously exposes front liners & communities to COVID-19. The NC-19T stepped in with a donation to mitigate the situation but that was just not right. Get it right first time!

Reiterated a visibly angry Mliswa>chaosafrica


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