Black Coffee On Life After Divorce


Dj Black Coffee has been entertaining us with virtual concerts during lockdown while also raising over R100 000 for Coronavirus relief.

The lockdown has also given him some time to think about his decisions in life, his divorce to Enhle Mbali in particular. Black Coffee was recently in a question and answer session with Scoop Makhathini on Instagram live.

Scoop Makhathini asked him how he was handling lockdown, the Dj said the lockdown dealt a devastating blow on his plans for the year as most of his shows had been cancelled.

Lockdown was also a blessing for him in that he got some down time to reflect on his life post divorce.

“Last year l was touring and on the road like crazy, travelling at the worst time of my life, during my divorce. So l never had time to take things in, because l had to wake up and go to work everyday,”

The Dj has always seen himself as a winner and felt like getting a divorce meant he had failed.

“I am a winner and this is the one thing l thought l would win at, but l failed, so it’s a blessing to be home now, l can start asking myself the right questions. It was so easy to blame the next person and tell myself it’s not my fault it didn’t work out.”

The Dj is taking the time to reevaluate everything that happened and acknowledge his part in the failure of his marriage.

The lockdown has also given him the time to bond with his son who he is quarantining with.

Life is now real for me, someone needs to wash the dishes, someone needs to feed the dogs, yesterday l had to wake him up so we could wash the cars.”

The two talked also about baba Credo Mutwa, and new music. By the way, his new song with Sabrina Claudio is coming out this Friday!

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