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I Used To Make More Money With My Punani But The Tokoloshe Stopped It


SHE was haunted by a tokoloshe that wanted her to stop selling her body.

And the little creature scratched her body, leaving her with scars that chased clients away

Daily Sun published her story headlined, “Tokoloshe haunts magosha”, on 20 May.

Now the 28-year-old woman from Caleb Motshabi, Mangaung has stopped being a magosha.

She now works part-time as a helper. She said she tried to get help from sangomas, but no one could help her.

“Night time was hell for me because of that evil tokoloshe. I listened to the tokoloshe and quit. I now have peace. I do piece jobs as a helper and have been sleeping like a baby.”

The woman said her cousin found her the job.

“I work on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, and get paid R250 per day. I clean a house in town on Mondays and Wednesdays, and do laundry on Saturdays. I used to make more money with my punani, but this is better than nothing. At least I can still send some money home every month.”

Other magoshas said they were happy the woman was no longer there.

“She gave us tough times because most clients liked her.

“She was making more money than all six of us combined,” said a magosha.

Another magosha said: “I once saw her twerk for passing cars and motorists made a U-turn to choose her.

“From that day on, she was always the chosen one. I think she was using muthi.”

Sangoma Malefu Motlatsi said the woman would be healed had she consulted with her.

“Maybe she consulted weaker sangomas. But I’m glad she decided to call it quits and the tokoloshe stopped,” said Malefu.


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