How do you feel when you see your friends with a flat tummy, while you parade yourself with a round fat, pot belly? Have you ever hated your physical appearance because of belly fat? What could be the likely cause of belly fat? Or what could be the possible cure?

Stomach fat is the assemblage of abdominal fat that results in an increased abdomen and waist size.

If you’re carrying additional weight around the middle, you may be looking for belly fat causes and remedies. Belly fat isn’t just ugly, but it is also unhealthy. Getting rid of belly fat seems to be on nearly everyone’s diet to-do roster. There is a reasonable purpose for this: abdominal fat has been revealed to be more harmful than fat held in other regions of the body. Having a great deal of abdominal fat, leaves you at tremendous threat for heart disease and other health issues

There are many products that target belly fat, or that at least claim to target belly fat, in the market today. Whether these products are really effective or a potentially harmful waste of cash is another matter.

Kinds of Stomach Fat

The reason belly fat is regarded as unhealthy is because it raises your risk of heart disease. Women with a waistline greater than 34 inches and men whose waists measure bigger than 40 inches are at tremendous risk. It also matters where the fat is stored. If it is located near and around your abdominal organs it is called visceral belly fat, and it poses more of a risk that the flabby (subcutaneous) fat located between your skin and abdominal wall.

The Causes of stomach fat

Poor diet and lack of exercise are basically blamed for belly fat. However other factors that influence an increase in belly fat are;

1. Body type

2. Age and metabolism

3. Menopause

19 Foods that contribute to the stomach fat problem

Regularly eating the following foods can contribute to the problem.

1. Baked goods (especially pre-packaged cakes, doughnuts and cookies)

2. Ready-made frostings

3. Snack foods

4. French fries

5. Most battered and fried foods

6. Pie crusts and baking mixes

7. Margarine

8. Sodas

9. Alcoholic drinks

10. Juice boxes and fruit juices

11. Bread

12. Breakfast cereals and pre-sweetened oatmeal

13. Pre-packaged baked goods and crackers

14. Candy bars

15. Canned fruits

16. Ice cream

17. Jams and jellies

18. Salad dressings, condiments and sauces

19. Flavored yogurt, cottage or cream cheese

How to reduce stomach fat

1. Stay away from processed foods

2. Eliminate sugary drinks

3. Eat plenty of soluble fiber.

4. Hang out with health-focused friends.

5. Avoid foods that contain trans fats

6. Don’t drink too much alcohol

7. Eat a high protein diet

8. Eat more fruits and vegetables

9. Reduce your stress levels

10. Avoid eating a lot of sugary foods

11. Exercise regularly

Please note

Everyone’s body is different when it comes to weight distribution. But when you consume a healthy, clean diet, exercise regularly and avoid foods high in refined sugars and trans fats, you’re less likely to gain weight in the belly or anywhere else and more likely to enjoy good health>chaosafrica


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