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My life is getting destroyed by p0rn0graphy and m@sturbat!ng – Man


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An anonymous Nigerian man has taken to popular Nigeria website, Nairaland to seek help over an issue eating him up for the past decades.
According to the man, since 2017, he has m@sturba.ted consistently and continuously and the effects he has had have gotten over him and its unbearable.

He said he’s now suffering from memory loss and anxiety and he feels like killing himself to end everything.
He said he’s just 27 but looks like an old man and financially too, he’s poor though he puts in much effort to get himself resourced.

Read his post below to know more…

“Please pardon any grammatical errors , because am typing fast. I have been watching p0rn0graphy and m@sturbat!ng once every week consistently since 2017 , my life is so poor. I now suffer from memory loss , anxiety , I just feel like killing myself, everything I put my hands upon doesn’t prosper and I look like an old man even though am just 27years.

Every week I make a new vow that I’ll never go near p0rn again but I find myself watching it again and again . Each time I decide not to watch p0rn again I’ll just have this dream of seeing myself sleeping with a woman in the dream or I’ll just find that I have released s3men when I wake up . I have prayed , fasted against this dreams but they don’t stop.

Please I need help from this problem, I have no friends , just withdrawn from people around me.”


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