VIDEO| Zimbabwean Man Caught With ‘Mysterious’ Snake In Glen View


There was drama in Glen View 7, a high-density suburb in Harare after a man was caught with a snake.

Reports indicate that the snake belongs to the father of the house who is also a Sangoma.

Several theories as to why the man was keeping the snake in his house have emerged.

The python was discovered after the man’s children consulted another Sangoma following mysterious deaths within their family.

The children consulted a Sangoma from Hurungwe and paid a surprise visit to their father’s house.

The man’s son, only identified as Liberty, told a local publication that the snake was genuine and not a stage-managed act. He said:

Our sister died mysteriously as she was coming from South Africa. As a family, we have been surprised by what is really happening. We have been moving around where they have been telling us that the cause of deaths was coming from our father. We then invited this sangoma from Hurungwe and this is why we have this today.

He added that their father did not allow visitors to sit on the sofas. He said the snake which was identified as a python, will be burnt. Liberty said:

Our father always lied that when we got inside the house we should not sit on the sofas yet he knew what was kept in the house. He always said hamugarike mune masofa yet he knew he had a snake in the house. All the visitors didn’t even know. Don’t be fooled by what people are saying that the sangoma brought his snake, where the snake was put was well designed, so that no one could see it. Pane nhoko, I didn’t know a snake inoita nhoko. So, the sangoma suggested that the snake be taken to the river. People pushed the snake to be killed, my mother said she dreamt about the snake. She then rushed to take the axe before it was killed. What is left now is to burn it.

You can watch the video of the snake below. Viewers’ discretion is advised:

The Sangoma from Hurungwe said the snake was feeding on milk, biscuits and sweets. The man believed to be its owner said the snake belonged to his wife


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