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DJ Sbu Reveals How He Went Broke: “I was overspending”


Sbusiso “DJ Sbu” Leope has come out in the open revealing what led him to become poor after all the expensive lifestyle he was used to while he was young.

Speaking on the Penuel Show podcast DJ Sbu recalls his reckless spending and bad financial decisions.

“When it comes to finances, I’ve fallen and I’ve got myself to blame and nobody else. From those Porches and just that lifestyle. I’ve lived the lifestyle, I’ve travelled, I’ve driven all these great cars, I’ve lived the nicest life, the celebrity life, partying and just throwing parties … as you grow older you know better and do better … I was overspending.

“I looked richer than I was,” he added.

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This time around, he has become an entrepreneur and living well within his means. Safe to say, he has learnt his lesson.

“I wouldn’t say I’ve played the game and I’ve passed like I’m some guru. I’m just walking my journey and the people guiding me, that I cannot touch, and the higher power, God, made me feel comfortable to live the way I’m living now, making the decisions I’m making. I’ve learnt in business.”

Speaking to Tshisa Live, DJ Sbu said he is now a changed man. He is ready to publish a new book.

“I’m older now, I’m in the best play in my life. I’ve learnt a lot of things and experienced so much that I’ve been blessed to still be alive.”

Of late, he has been a subject of ridicule through his roughshod looks


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