Home Africa News Actor Chief Azwindini (Gabriel Temudzani) is back on Muvhango

Actor Chief Azwindini (Gabriel Temudzani) is back on Muvhango


Since his exit, views have fallen each time, and the management had to reverse their decision.

When h left Muvhango, Gabriel was unhappy and thought his time was not yet over.


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He did not even give a word on his exit but only shared a picture of the news on his Instagram stories.

Sharing the great news of his comeback to Muvhango, Gabriel Temudzani said.

“Indoda must have 9 lives…. Azwindini is back by popular demand Muvhango. Thanks to the public outcry ????????????????????????????????????????. The viewers have power. #Muvhango #Azwindini”

As fans continued to cry over his exit and not to watch the show, Gabriel surprised fans with his message on Instagram.

Many fans were left amazed by the news as they celebrated with him, and below are some of their comments.

“The u-turn they took is a win, we all know they were releasing you my brother. Great decision.”

“They almost killed Vhangani, imagine … welcome back Vhafhuwi”

“Aaaàaaaaah musanda. I’ll definitely start watching again. Welcome back Mutavhatsindi from the South African in America ????????????????”

“I stopped watching muvhango when tenda shot you I am back now???????? the goosebumps I had when you entered with your wood stick ???? nd with 2 drops of tears of joy welcome back Azwiii”

Gabriel Temudzani

The loved actor had been with Muvhango for over twenty years now when he was only twenty years.

Temudzani spoke to SOWETAN LIVE about his role saying:

“Muvhango will always be part of who I am. It has contributed to the person that I am now. The show gave me a chance to put Venda culture and language on the map. Venda people today are proud of themselves because people know about them. We need to be grateful [as Venda people] of a platform like Muvhango.”

“Being part of the show has been phenomenal, eye-opening and fulfilling. Playing Azwindini has taught me a lot about leadership because he was a trendsetter. I have gained a lot from the character.” he concluded.


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