Explosive Revelation: Sekuru Mlauzi Exposes Shocking Details of Passion Java’s Kuromba Money Rituals


In a stunning exposé that has sent shockwaves through the religious community, traditional healer Sekuru Mlauzi has come forward with a detailed and captivating account of the alleged money rituals performed by renowned prophet Passion Java. The revelations provide a rare glimpse into the hidden world of the prophet, shedding light on his relentless pursuit of wealth and fame.

Passion Java’s First Meeting with Sekuru Mlauzi

Sekuru Mlauzi disclosed that the encounter between him and Prophet Passion Java occurred in 2011, back when Java was known as Panganai Java. The meeting reportedly took place at Mlauzi’s shrine in Binga, with Java accompanied by his younger brother, Simbarashe Java. The two brothers expressed their dissatisfaction with their financial situations and sought Mlauzi’s assistance in performing rituals to improve their lives.

Exploring Money Rituals

Sekuru Mlauzi explained the various money rituals available to the brothers, detailing the advantages and disadvantages of each. Interestingly, Passion Java declined the Instant Money ritual after learning that the acquired wealth would eventually deplete. Instead, he opted for the Kuromba ritual, which is said to be more permanent but involves the sacrifice of human blood. However, to his credit, Java refused to perform blood sacrifices on his immediate family members and instead offered himself as the sacrificial figure.

The Kuromba Money Ritual

According to Sekuru Mlauzi, the Kuromba money ritual in which a person offered themselves as the sacrifice involved an intriguing method. The traditional healer took kernels from a cob of maize corn (tsanga dzechibage) and threw them at a rooster (jongwe), and allowed it to eat.  He did not go into detail on the significance of this.  However, according to some sources, the number of kernels eaten by the rooster represents the number of years that the person for whom the money ritual was performed would live with his acquired wealth. Sekuru Mlauzi did not disclose the exact number of kernels eaten by the rooster, leaving this detail to the imagination of the listeners.

Simba’s Shock and Withdrawal

During the ritual, Simbarashe Java, the younger brother, became increasingly shocked and horrified at what he was witnessing and decided not to participate in any of the rituals. This marked a turning point in their journey, as Simba distanced himself from the pursuit of wealth through such means.

Passion Java’s Rise to Wealth and Fame

In 2012, Passion Java allegedly returned to Sekuru Mlauzi, boasting about his newfound wealth. However, he expressed serious concerns about suspicions arising from his sudden prosperity. Seeking fame and recognition, he approached Sekuru Mlauzi for advice on how to explain his wealth and establish his fame. While Mlauzi suggested starting a business, Java felt that his lack of education would hinder such ventures. Instead, he decided to sponsor music and launch his ministry, believing that these paths would help him achieve both his goals.

The Power of Prophecy

Passion Java also revealed his desire to become a charismatic preacher and sought Mlauzi’s assistance in gaining the power of prophecy. Mlauzi claims to have granted him this power but emphasizes that he did not grant him the ability to make people fall to the ground during preaching.

The Fallout and Betrayal

Following these events, Passion Java distanced himself from Sekuru Mlauzi, cutting off all contact and failing to return to the shrine. The rift between them deepened when Simbarashe Java, facing serious financial struggles, approached his brother for help. Passion Java allegedly refused to assist his brother, citing Simba’s rejection of the rituals as the reason.   When Simbarashe told  Sekuru Mlauzi how he was being treated, the sangoma was hurt, prompting him to request a meeting with the prophet.


WhatsApp Chats and Deceit Exposed

The unravelling of their relationship became even more intense when Sekuru Mlauzi revealed WhatsApp chats between himself and Prophet Passion Java. The messages exposed Java’s deceitful behaviour, with him initiating discussions and making promises. In one message, Java pleaded with Mlauzi not to expose him on social media, citing the growth of his church and the multitude of congregants.

Escalating Tensions and Dire Consequences

The escalating tensions between the two spiritual figures are evident in their subsequent exchanges. Sekuru Mlauzi repeatedly warns Passion Java, threatening to expose him out of mounting anger. In response, Java seemingly becomes exasperated and challenges Mlauzi to do whatever he wishes, implying that both of them will face the consequences.

During the exclusive interview with iHarare, Sekuru Mlauzi went on to say that he has the power to take back all the “gifts” he gave to Prophet Passion Java.

He said that people should take special note and follow the trajectory of Prophet Passion Java’s life from when they started knowing him, to what he is currently and to what he will be in the future. He said the only way he can stop this will be to go back to his brother Simba and beg for forgiveness.

Sekuru Mlauzi also insisted that after posting the video exposing Passion Java, he had a change of heart and deleted the video. However, at this point, people had already downloaded the video, and it was going viral


The shocking revelations by Sekuru Mlauzi have ignited widespread intrigue and cast doubts on the authenticity of Prophet Passion Java’s rise to fame and prosperity. As the public awaits further developments, the credibility and integrity of the renowned spiritual leader hang in the balance. The detailed blow-by-blow account provided by Sekuru Mlauzi sheds light on a clandestine world, leaving readers questioning the true motives behind the pursuit of wealth and the quest for recognition.

Listen To Sekuru Mlauzi’s Interview With iHarare Below



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