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Zimdancehall music producer Levels, was reportedly involved in an accident along Bulawayo Road on Monday morning.


According to Fame Factory Zimbabwe, the prouder escaped with minor injuries.

Zimbabwean record producer Levels was involved in a road accident along the Harare-bulawayo highway after lake Chivero turn off in the early hours of today on his way to Norton. He escaped with minor injuries.

Levels accident

At present, there is a lack of additional information regarding the factors that led to the accident or whether the music producer was the sole occupant of the vehicle at the time of the occurrence.

Recently it was reported that Levels still finds himself entangled in a legal matter concerning his ex-girlfriend and artist Shashl, whom he had signed to his record label.

Despite the initial uproar surrounding the incident, the situation has somewhat faded from the public eye. However, the renowned producer from Chillspot Records remains embroiled in charges pertaining to the unauthorized dissemination of private and intimate images.

Presently, DJ Levels is out on bail, having posted a sum of $20,000 while awaiting further legal proceedings.

A Harare Magistrate Mr Dennis Mangosi has scheduled DJ Levels’ trial for September 11.

During a span of almost a year, from September 2021 to November of the previous year, DJ Levels and Shashl were involved in a romantic relationship. Sadly, their bond deteriorated due to insurmountable conflicts, leading to their eventual breakup.

Seeking to salvage their relationship, DJ Levels made an earnest effort to reconnect with his ex-girlfriend at Pabloz nightclub, a renowned establishment located in Borrowdale, Harare.

Regrettably, Shashl remained steadfast in her decision and firmly rejected his advances, refusing to rekindle their past connection.


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