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ZANU’s FAZ Terrorists Block Tapiwa Makore’s Father’s CCC Win


Grief and Defeat: Tapiwa Makore’s Father Confronts Harassment and Loss in Rural Elections

In a tragic turn of events, Munyaradzi Makore, father of the late slain toddler Tapiwa Makore, faced further distress as he entered the political arena only to be defeated in the recent rural elections. Grieving the cruel loss of his son, Makore sought solace in politics by standing as an opposition candidate for a council seat in rural Murewa. However, his hopes were dashed as he suffered defeat at the hands of the ruling party, Zanu PF.

The wounds of Makore’s family were still fresh from the harrowing murder of his eight-year-old son, Tapiwa, in September 2020. The perpetrators, including Makore’s own family members, committed the heinous act for ritual purposes, leaving the community in shock and mourning. Despite a death sentence being passed on the culprits, Makore’s heartache could not be healed. Turning to politics, he hoped to find some semblance of justice and purpose.

Makore’s aspirations to win the council seat were met with challenges, as he accused the Forever Associates of Zimbabwe (FAZ) of intimidating voters, leading to his loss in the polls. He expressed his frustration, stating that voters were monitored at polling stations, which influenced the outcome in favor of Zanu PF. Despite his efforts, Makore lost to Zanu PF’s candidate, Anyway Nheweyembwa, who secured over 1,000 votes compared to Makore’s count.

This bitter defeat in the elections has left Makore grappling with his next steps. While he pins his hopes on a potential challenge to overturn the election results and trigger a fresh poll, he also contemplates his political future. The grief-stricken father acknowledges that he will decide on his next move based on the unfolding circumstances, showing the resilience and uncertainty he faces.

As the High Court Judge Munamato Mutevedzi’s decision on the Makore murder case could not fully mend the wounds of the past, the 2023 elections have opened a new chapter of pain for Munyaradzi Makore. The hopes of finding solace through political victory were dashed, and the journey ahead remains uncertain.- Agencies


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