Reason Why Prophet T Freddy House Was Demolished


Deputy Mayor Unveils Explosive Truth: Why Glenview Homes, Including Prophet T Freddy’s, Were Bulldozed

Harare’s Deputy Mayor, Kudzai Kadzombe, recently shed light on the reasons behind the demolition of homes in Glenview, including the residence of Prophet T Freddy.

On Thursday, Prophet T Freddy expressed his distress on social media when he discovered that his house in Glenview had been demolished by the City of Harare.

Citizen Outcry Sparks Action: Why Prophet T Freddy Had His House Demolished
Responding to inquiries on X (formerly Twitter), Kudzai Kadzombe explained why Prophet T Freddy’s house and five others faced demolition. She disclosed that these demolitions were prompted by a citizen petition.

Kadzombe revealed that these properties had been allocated by the council in 2017 without the necessary due diligence. These stands were situated in a location that blocked access to a school for local residents and students. However, there’s good news for Prophet T Freddy and the five other Glenview residents whose homes were demolished. Deputy Mayor Kadzombe announced that they will be relocated to new stands, and their houses will be rebuilt at no cost to them.

New Hope on the Horizon: Rebuilding Lives in Glenview
Kadzombe also extended her apologies for any inconvenience this situation may have caused to the Glenview community. Her complete statement is provided


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