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Rejoicing over her dire situation :Zahara’s sister seize her bank cards and spoil themselves


Zahara’s struggle for life takes a distressing turn as her two sisters allegedly exploited her dire situation, grabbing her bank cards for a lavish shopping spree.

They also ignored Zahara’s fiance Mpho Xaba’s pleas for financial support.

Lumka and Bandezwa Mkutukana, who are currently staying at Zahara’s home, reportedly hit various downtown shops, indulging in counterfeit luxury brands and inexpensive makeup.

“The two sisters went shopping while their sister lay in a hospital bed fighting for her life. They went to Small Street, downtown Jozi where they bought all the fake brands from Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Diesel and other brands. For them, shopping at those dingy shops made them feel like they were shopping in Dubai, Paris or New York. They got some cheap make-up too. Their bags were full of fake material.”

Nxaba got furious and sent then back to the Eastern Cape. Lumka and Bandezwa declined to comment on the allegations.

Zahara’s manager Oyama Dyosiba seemingly confirmed the Mtutukana’s shenanigans:

“I am shocked that you know about this, unfortunately, I cannot comment on the matter.”

The drama unfolded when Xaba denied the sisters access to the private hospital where Zahara battles for her life. He grew uneasy after hearing them discuss life insurance matters instead of aiding with the mounting medical bills, reaching hundreds of thousands.

Zahara, admitted after her 36th birthday celebration, slipped into a coma due to liver complications. Tests conducted more than a fortnight ago led to her ICU admission.

Medical doctors first told her she has liver problems back in 2019. They also warned her that she should stay away from alcohol if she wanted to live longer.

Following her hospitalisation last month, a source in her camp told Zimoja that her liver is so damaged that she might need a transplant


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