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Silent K!ller denies former Manager’s claims


Silent Killer part ways with his manager
In response to allegations made by Elder Shambare, former manager of Silent K!ller, the popular chanter’s publicist, Chicco Barrack, categorically denies any association with drugs. Shambare had exclusively informed H-Metro that Silent K!ller’s unruly behavior was a result of drug addiction.

Barrack dismisses Shambare’s claims as false, suggesting that they may have arisen from a mere misunderstanding. Speaking to source, Barrack emphasizes the absence of any truth in the drug-related accusations, questioning the credibility of such assertions.

“False claims, have you ever heard achinzi asungwa over drug issues? We had some internal misunderstandings, and Elder Shambare is still family. He only withdrew from management, but hapana bad blood,” clarifies Barrack.

Amidst the controversy, Silent K!ller remains a prominent figure in the country’s music scene, with a string of impactful performances and headline-worthy moments. While social media has become a platform for discussions about the chanter’s well-being, opinions on whether rehabilitation is necessary vary among online communities


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