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Blessing Matinenga Mbavha yanetsa mu Joburg kubira vanhu mari ichiti unopa ma basa..read more


Blessing Matinenge is a Zimbabwean who resides in Johannesburg.This criminal anema whatsapp group ema basa anosvika over 10 anonzi Mama Kupa Maids

Zvavanoita anoshanda ne wife yake and the wife pretend to be the agent wema basa,they ask you to pay 300 rand to get a job after you do the payment they will block you or they keep feeding you with lies until you give up

Blessing Matinenga

There is a lot of people complaining being robbed their money, below we we attached some screenshots from some of the victims asking for their money back

This is a warning to everyone reading this post never give anyone money to get a job a lot of people are scammers they are taking advantage of desperate people

Screenshots below

Blessing is using 3 different numbers to scam his victims, below we attached the numbers that he is using to communicate with his victims.

After you pay them money they will give you a number to call as if you got the job but the number will be one of theirs and you be communicating with his workers who are also helping him to scam people

Below is one of the chats when his victim confirmed the money was paid

[01/01, 18:35] Kelthy: Hello
[01/01, 18:40] VaShonga?: How are you
[01/01, 20:25] Kelthy: My name is Mrs kiany l got your number from agent
[01/01, 20:26] Kelthy: Where are you stay?
[01/01, 20:26] VaShonga?: I stay in Rosettevile
[01/01, 20:27] Kelthy: Alright send me your address l will fetch you Wednesday you was supposed to start tomorrow but l’m not around but l will come back tomorrow
[01/01, 20:28] VaShonga?: Okay thank you
[01/01, 20:29] Kelthy: Thank you don’t disappoint me please
[01/01, 20:29] VaShonga?: No i wont i will be waiting for you

Yangu yandaka sender iyo
You have successfully transferred R300 from ur Mukuru Card to Blessing Matinenga’s Mukuru Card. Dial *130*566# to check ur balance. Ref #115594195 – Mukuru

There are heartless people out there if you are a victim of these scammers don’t hesitate to report these criminals to police


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