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Zimbabwean Gangsters In CT Philip they want R15 000 ransom to release Jose


Zimbabweans are robbing killing each other in Cape Town daily,they are forming some gangsters groups and they will be robbing other poor Zimbabweans.

The most dangerous places that you should be very careful if you decide to visit Philip,Langa,Delft,Khayelitsha Side C.

These gangsters are not scared to kill if they catch you and start demanding your items don’t argue with them otherwise they will shoot you and many people have lost their life’s by resisting.

Few days ago a young man named Jose was kidnapped in Philip Cape Town,and the kidnappers happens to be Zimbabweans they are demanding money from Jose’s relatives for them to release him

They need 15 000 rand but Jose’s brother Morden Dzingira managed to get 5000 now they are appealing to the public to get 10k which is left

How can you do such a thing to your fellow countrymen,it’s heartbreaking you will
Be working hard everyday and someone will just come and take all your hard work.
People like Jose’s kidnappers they deserve a death penalty


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