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Grandpa (76) Dumps Wife For Ben 10


A Christon Bank pensioner shocked his family when he gave his wife of 51 years a divorce token.Dadai Katiyo (76) who is a former civil servant has since moved in with a young man whom he describes as the love of his life.
“All my life I have lived a lie pretending to love my wife.I am a woman trapped in a man’s body and Tapiwa has helped that woman to be revealed,” said the soft spoken Katiyo who has now taken to wearing skinny jeans, lace up boots and long cardigans.
His lover identified only as Tapiwa (23) claims to be a model but Sekuru Katiyo’s family disputes that labeling him as a male prostitute.
Sekuru Katiyo’s eldest daughter Maureen Mazivisa (50) had no kind words for the young man, “We believe our father has been Bewitched by Tapiwa.How can he become gay suddenly after 51 years of marriage which produced six children and sixteen grandchildren? Tapiwa is after my father’s properties.”

The old man’s wife Gogo Igirita Musemwa is devastated by the development.
“Muzukuru I don’t know what has possessed your grandfather to do these unspeakable things!Being used like a woman by a boy who is much younger than some of our grandchildren.”

Sekuru Katiyo is now living with Tapiwa at a different property where his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren can only visit if they accept Tapiwa.
Katiyo’s youngest son Roy (39) says they are planning on involving the police as they believe Tapiwa has kidnapped their father and is possibly drugging him.
Roy’s Canada based sister Evangeline Masterson said, “I believe Baba is suffering from the early stages of dementia and that young man is taking advantage of the fact.”

Sekuru Katiyo insists he is in robust health and described his children as crazy.
“I will not leave my new husband because of crazy people.If they can’t accept him then I will remove them from my life.They will not inherit anything from me.”
The handsome Tapiwa who speaks in a smooth baritone says he is not a fortune hunter. “Dadai is my baby, I love him to death.He bought me a nice car and I’m grateful but we love each other and I will love him till the end.”


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