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Jah Signal’s new song “Usacheuka” raises questions about permission


Zimdancehall sensation Jah Signal has stirred controversy once again after releasing a new song sampled from the late legendary musician Oliver Mtukudzi’s song, “Mbabvu Yangu.”

Jah Signal has released a new song at a time when he is entangled in a copyright infringement drama involving the Charambas and the Fishers of Men.

Two of his hit songs, ‘Shinga Muroora’ (Sweetie) and ‘Tengai Mafuta,’ have been removed from YouTube due to copyright infringement violations.

Sampling Saga: Jah Signal’s New Song “Usacheuka” Raises Questions About Permission
Jah Signal has released a new song titled ‘Usacheuka,’ featuring music producer Mr. Brown.

Jah Signal Sparks Controversy After He Releases Another New Song Sampled From Oliver Mtukudzi Song “Mbabvu Yangu”

The song includes some of the lyrics from Oliver Mtukudzi’s hit song ‘Mbabvu Yangu.”

“Ndiwe mbabvu yangu ndiwe, ndiwe svori yangu ndiwe.”

It is unclear whether Jah Signal sought permission before sampling Oliver Mtukudzi’s song.

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Nonetheless, Jah Signal’s new song has sparked a flurry of reactions on social media, with many expressing disappointment. Critics accused Jah Signal of copying other artists’ work without seeking permission first, labelling him lazy and arrogant.

Check out some of the reactions;

@MaiClaret Anashe;

Ah anozvinyanya uyu, surely if he can’t write music and lyrics ko kuita yekutenga from those who can, m sure kuZim we have people who are good at it. Someone was bound to call him out hake, it was only a matter of time.

@Aaron Amos Mwabazi;

Manje manje kanovhariwa kaYoutube channel ikako. He must follow proper procedures tisazomunyarira.

@Blessing Ngara;

Jah sigi isimbe yekufunga,can’t do his own..

@Ruth Gandidze;

He just doesn’t learn

@Munya Fero

Tuku’s family is coming for you boy ?

@Abel Madaka;

This one is arrogant Fishers Of Men shud’ve sued him. Vanodherera vafana vemutoriro ava

@Tinotenda Kandishaya

Iwewo Sigi une pamuromo chete.mushakabvu anomuka akatanga kutaura zvemacopyrights

@Mapunga Kennie

The boy lacks creativity. He should find people vanomunyorera masongs


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