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Video!Murume orohwa awanikidzwa achiita upombwe nemukadzi wemukoma


An unidentified man got serious hiding and proper claps after he was caught b3dding his brother’s wife.

The man was ambushed by a mob of men, which included his brother. After storming into the room, they violently grabbed the shameless cheat and forced him to the ground.

Another man crouched behind and pinned him so there was no chance of a surprise escape. The buff man behind the adulterous brother would occasionally marinate him with thorough slaps.

As the men punished the cheat, they asked him what he had done, to which he revealed he had been !nt!m@te with his sister-in-law. As the rough claps landed, he pleaded haplessly that they were hurting him.

He then asked forgiveness for sl33ping with his brother’s wife, and another slap landed spiritedly. The brother’s furious friends complained that he would sl33p with their mothers one day because of his shamelessness.

Of late, there have been several cases where spouses are caught cheating on their partners.

Earlier this week, a man based in South Africa busted his wife having immoral l_la l_la with his workmate. The man, Baba Aisha, beat up the cheating couple before divorcing Mai Aisha on the spot. He bought his wife a bus ticket back to Zimbabwe to her parents. When Baba Aisha returned home from work the following day, Mai Aisha had taken her own life by drinking poison.

Days ago, a woman from Kuwadzana 5 busted her husband, having the forbidden fruit with his side chick. The two got stuck during the act. The wife had sought runyoka to make the cheats stuck in the act.


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