Horror:watch woman wheeled a dead man into the bank and tried to get him to ‘sign off’ a loan in her name while holding his head up.



Footage showed the woman telling the dead man to grip hold of his pen hard as she placed it between his fingers and encouraged him to sign a piece of paper at the bank branch in Bangu, a neighbourhood in the western area of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

A bank worker witnessing the scene told the woman : ‘I don’t think this is legal. He doesn’t look well. He’s very pale.’
She replied: ‘He’s like that’ before she told the dead OAP: ‘If you’re not well, I can take you to hospital. Do you want to go back to hospital again?

deceased pensioner, Paulo Roberto Braga, 68, had passed away a few hours earlier.

The woman who wheeled him into the bank, Erika de Souza Vieira Nunes, was arrested at the scene and told police she was his niece as well as his carer.

Officials have appeared to signal they are related and are said to be checking CCTV cameras inside and outside the bank to see if Mr Braga’s family member was on her own or with alleged accomplices amid suspicion they could be dealing with an organised fraud.

The results of a post-mortem to establish cause of death have not yet been made public


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