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I am connected to high profile officials, I am coming after you ; Patricia Jack thre@tens state newspaper


SOCIAL media star, Patricia Jack, has thre@tened state media, especially the newspaper’s senior journalist, Arron Nyamayaro, whom she is accusing of dragging her name into the storm, which erupted after the publication of Mai TT daughter’s n_de photographs.

The claim was made by Mai TT, in official court papers, and published in this newspaper.

Patricia said the journalist, and this publication, will know she is well connected to high-profile people in this country, who will fight on her behalf.

She promised to post messages on her social media handles att#cking the journalist, as well as H-Metro.

She claimed she has four prominent lawyers who have volunteered to provide her with free legal service in the event what she has planned to do, using her high-profiile connections, fails.

She wrote a lengthy message to Nyamayaro which, in part, reads:

“I have four lawyers, big lawyers who want to do my story for free watch the space.

“The world is watching H-Metro and felistas miraka uone.

“And, remember I know how you work namai TT, I’m hundred percent you were behind this and I will never stop to expose you guys.

“I know and you know it zvandinazvo zvihombe muchadonha henyu.

“You are corrupt iwe and you are not professional.”

In the court story in question, Mai TT accused Patricia Jack of allegedly being part of the gang which was behind the le@king of her daughter Fifi’s nude pictures.

She claims Jack allegedly attempted to extort her, demanding that she pays US$5 000, to ensure that the images were not splashed online.

Fifi’s ex-boyfriend, Amir Edwin Mhaka, has since appeared in court over the case and it’s still pending.

“After his Counsel was served with the State papers, he has learnt that the complainant’s mother has a Statement which was recorded by the police wherein she is alleging that the same n_de pictures in question were broadcasted/distributed by one Patricia Jeke alias Patricia Jack,” said Amir’s lawyer Admire Rubaya.

“The obvious question that arises, therefore, is who is responsible for the leak of those images?”


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