Home Africa News Madzibaba Sentenced for touching private parts of a congregant

Madzibaba Sentenced for touching private parts of a congregant


Madzibaba nabbed for fondling congregant. A Self-proclaimed Concession apostolic prophet Maxwell Chitara was sentenced to an effective one-year jail term by a Concession magistrate Nixon Mangoti yesterday for fondling his congregant’s private parts.

He was jailed after a full trial. The state-led by Kumbirai told the court that on May 18 the complaint who cannot be named for ethical reasons went to Madzibaba’s shrine seeking divine intervention.

On the shrine, she met her aunt who is also a congregant of the accused. The convict prayed for the two before ordering the complainant to seat alone. He later called the complainant and poured some water on the ground before calling her to come close to him and kneel down.

The complaint refused and he grabbed her neck, fondled her right bre@st and private parts. The complainant wrestled with the man of Cloth and fled from the shrine. She ran to the police station where she filed a police report leading to the arrest of the suspect>chaosafrica


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