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Prayers Needed For Andy Muridzo…


Singer Andy Muridzo’s team has called for prayers and intervention for the Jeetaz band leader after he suffered a personal tragedy.

Andy Muridzo’s lost 3 of his close family members in the space of 2 weeks.

The crooner’s team believes that the singer has been haunted by a lot of misfortunes in his life and the situation needs prayers and divine intervention.

Muridzo recently took to social media to express his grief after his grandfather died.

“My grandfather is gone guys. I’ve lost enough in one month mwari ndinzwireiwo Nyasha”.

The singer has also been involved in messy situations with the women in his life and booze.

Andy Muridzo’s close associate and manager Onismo Saini, said that in spite of everything, Andy still deserved the best.

“He has lost many relatives in a short space of time and what he needs now in strength to be able to fight on.

Saini said Muridzo is a breadwinner in his family and when such tragic events happen like deaths, he has to cover the expenses.

“Of course death can never be predicted but in his case zvanyanya but we are now appealing for God’s grace and protection so that he regains his strength,” he said.

Saini said people should understand that although Muridzo is a public figure, he is also human and he also needs support from the people.

“We really need God’s favour and comfort because the situation doesn’t look good there,” he said.

Andy Muridzo has been holding online gigs in order to navigate the stringent measures brought about by the lockdown.

“It’s no doubt that we miss live shows but at the moment we have been trying to engage our fans through online shows that we have been holding

Andy Muridzo’s team said that they were scared by the increase in Covid-19 cases which calls for stringent measures.

He said they have been advising their band members to stay safe and avoiding unnecessary movement because life is ultimately important>chaosafrica


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