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Singer Jason Derulo Knocks Out Will Smith’s Front Teeth During Golf Session


Actor, Will Smith and singer Jason Derulo really gave people something to laugh about after a session of golf, indoors.

The video shows Smith, 51 teaching Derulo, 30, the game. However Jason got too enthusiastic and ended up whacking Will Smith straight in the mouth with his gold club.

Will Smith then posted the video and he captioned it , “And we never saw and @jasonderulo again,suggesting that Jason had broken his teeth with that golf club.

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And we never saw @jasonderulo again

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Jason then replied to the picture “I know a good dentist… .text me back.”.

Will then posted a picture showing his front teeth knocked out, captioned

“I gotta stop inviting @jasonderulo over.”

To which Jason replied with his own photo

“He’s finally embracing his new smile.”

The video went viral and many were wondering if it was true. Some called it legit while some just downright called it a prank.

It turned out the video was prank and it was digitally manipulated like another video they shared, which showed Jason Derulo appearing out of thin after Will Smith tosses his sweatshirt on the table.

There’s also the fact that there was no blood visible from the blunt force of the golf club.

Jason Derulo has also posted videos in the past with ‘broken teeth’ after eating corn on the cob showing that the image was digitally enhanced.

Will Smith and Jason Derulo have not yet confirmed that it was a prank but given their history of posting digitally enhanced videos with special effects, it leans on being a prank than not>chaosafrica


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