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A 39 Year Old Lady With 8 Children From Different Fathers Something Happened To Her On This Woman’s…


A lady with 8 children’s from deferent men is crying tears on this women’s month she is not crying the tears of pain but the tears of joy. The 39 years old women from kwaMhlanga has found a mercy from Swaziland guy. The lady has suffered a lot from her previous relationship’s men they were coming and go but leave her with children’s but Sabelo Dlamini came and saw a beautiful rose that needed to be loved

Sabelo Dlamini saw this lady on his way to a meeting when he got lost on the way he asked the directions from Nomhlekhabo on the construction road side Nomhlekhabo directed him very well he went to a meeting and then came back to say thank you to the lady that’s when the whole ring thing started. Sabelo Dlamini paid the full lobola to Nomhlekhabos family and marry her. Nomhlekhabo she didn’t believe in her eyes but she is taken by Dlamini from Swaziland Nomhlekhabo was motivating other ladies on Friday

Telling them that in life if you fall down don’t sleep there but wake up and focus more to yourself things will be okay>chaosafrica


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