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Mliswa Tells Chiyangwa To Stop Spreading HIV


Outspoken Norton member of parliament Temba Mliswa, said the Zanu PF 2023 elections fundraising committee chairman Philip Chiyangwa, was in the habit of deliberately spreading the Human Immune Virus (HIV) to young girls.

Mliswa said this in an audio clip criticising Chiyangwa that went viral early this week.

Mliswa posted on social media saying his only intention was to tell Chiyangwa to stop his habit.

Here is Mliswa’s post:
I have been busy at the farm & returned to the news of a leaked voice note. It should be understood that the audio was between myself & Chiyangwa. It was never meant for the public & it’s being leaked is clearly aimed at tarnishing me after the interview I had with Lance Guma.
About what I said relating to HIV, the point remains that I said it to Chiyangwa telling him to stop the habit of deliberately spreading it to young girls. It was never meant to stigmatise those who are positive. I have nothing against positive people.

My mother was a nurse for many years & conscientised us about the virus. Today I actually have a foundation that assists positive people & I have relatives who have died of it. I understand that there is nothing to shame people about it.
He accused Chiyangwa of leaking the audio as a strategy to have him criticised by members of the public.


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