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Chaos As Four People Collapse Within Minutes In Harare CBD, 2 Declared Dead


Four people collapsed within minutes of each other in the same general area in Harare’s central business district (CBD) on Saturday in what has been described as a bizarre occurrence. Two of the four people were later declared dead on the scene.

The strange incidents occurred near the intersection of Robert Mugabe Road and Julius Nyerere Way in Harare’s CBD.

The bizarre incidents and deaths were confirmed by the police.

According to an eye witness who spoke to the Sunday Mail, the chain of events started when a Mercedes Benz and a Volkswagen Amarok were involved in a high-impact accident.

A few hours after the crash, an elderly pirate taxi driver who was driving a Honda Fit collapsed while at the wheel.

He was pronounced dead at the scene by medical first responders. An eyewitness added that while the ambulance personnel were attending to the taxi driver, another woman collapsed nearby.

“During the time the ambulance crew was attending to the man, a woman collapsed at the entrance of a shop, and they had to rush to her, but she appeared to have died.”

Just minutes later, a cyclist also collapsed nearby. While people were trying to make sense of the events, a fourth person, a woman, collapsed in a nearby boutique.

The bizarre events were confirmed by the police. Zimbabwe Republic Police Spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi told the publication,

“We had some unfortunate incidents in Harare today. There was an accident involving a Mercedes Benz and Amarok at around 4 am along Robert Mugabe intersection with Julius Nyerere and Innez Terrace that portion of the road. Then coincidentally, after some minutes, we had a pirate taxi which was being driven by a certain man and the man suddenly collapsed in the vehicle and passed on.”

“Some few minutes later, we had a cyclist who also suddenly collapsed in the same area. We also have a woman, who was coming out of a supermarket along the same area, who just collapsed and died.”

The identities of the two deceased will only be revealed after their next of kin are informed.


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