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Juju Blocks Me From Bedding My Wife


juju blocks him from having sex with his wife Life is hard for this madala from Tembisa. Photo by Morapedi Mashashe

A 55-YEAR-OLD madala is desperate to remove juju placed in his stomach that is preventing him from being intimate with his wife.

The madala from Ivory Park, near Tembisa in Ekurhuleni, said everything around him is falling apart and trying to get intimate with his wife is a nightmare.

“I’m worried my wife will leave me,” he told Daily Sun.

He said that five years ago he felt something moving inside his stomach, but doctors couldn’t find anything wrong. When he went to see prophets, he was told someone had put an animal inside him and that nothing would go right in his life.

“This thing moves around when I need to do something, and it makes people angry with me,” he said.

“When my wife and I are about to start making love, it starts to move and my wife gets angry and we end up not doing anything.”

He said every year he attracts more trouble. He said that he has been shot.

He said his money has gone missing, which also causes problems with his wife because he can’t explain what happened.

“At work I’m always in trouble. A few months later I was run over by a car, and I have been home since the accident in April this year,” he said.

He said he has tried to find help, but all the prophets and traditional healer he went to did nothing but took his money.

“I have spent close to R10 000 trying to get help, but nothing has changed,” he said.

According to the madala’s wife, her husband does not have anything inside him.“Yes, he’s always in trouble, but it’s because of his lies,” she said.

Traditional healer mkhulu Collen Mabulane said the madala has “sejeso” and since it has been in him for years, it will take time to remove. “He must go to the right traditional healer and they’ll put him on treatment.”


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