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Angry Zimbabweans Flood SA Minister’s ‘Facebook Page’ With Insults After Claiming ‘She’ Was Once Arrested For Selling Roll-On In Zimbabwe


Zimbabweans on Facebook are bombarding South African Minister Angie Motshekga’s ‘Facebook account’ after the page made derogatory remarks about how she was once arrested back in Zimbabwe for selling roll-on deodorant.

“I was once arrested in Zimbabwe for selling Roll-on,” the page wrote.

The page that writes as the South African politician and educator currently serving as the Minister of Basic Education Angie Motshekga has been a viral sensation on Facebook with humour and somewhat derogatory remarks that seem to tickle social media dark humour.

The post that has since been deleted after it got so much attention, and garnered over 3 thousand likes seems to have not settled well with Zimbabweans who took offence over the statements.

Over a thousand comments flooded the page as people hurled insults towards the minister over what they thought was an insulting statement about Zimbabweans.

The comments under the post were so affront that we could not post them here as they carried severely abusive insults. Some are, however, visible from the page here.

It, however, seems like most of the Zimbabweans engaging in the scornful abuse did not realize that the page was a parody account that pretended to be the minister.

The parody account often posts offensive humour that they think the minister would also say.

See the post below;

The said statement by the parody account stems from viral social media remarks often shared about Zimbabweans living in the diaspora, including those in South Africa. Citizens from different countries claim that Zimbabweans often have a similar uncomfortable armpit stench that comes from their failure to use roll-on deodorants


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