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DNA Fraudsters in South Africa Beware: Zimbabwe’s DNA Guru, Tinashe Mugabe, Takes Justice Beyond Borders


Attention, DNA fraudsters in South Africa, you better think twice! The renowned DNA guru, Tinashe Mugabe from Zimbabwe, has arrived in the country, and he means business.

Creating a buzz on social media, Mugabe proudly shared a photo of himself next to a Welcome To Gauteng signpost, revealing his presence in South Africa. His popularity from The Closure DNA Show knows no bounds, and now he’s taking his talent beyond borders, filming episodes in neighbouring countries.

While Mugabe kept the purpose of his Gauteng visit a secret, savvy Facebook users quickly deduced that he was likely there to shoot an episode of his renowned show, The Closure DNA Show.

In a friendly gesture, he greeted his followers with a cheerful “GAUTENG HELLOS,” along with captivating emojis ???????????? and a South African contact number for them to reach him during his stay.

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Facebook Users React To Tinashe Mugabe’s Arrival in South Africa

Excitement and curiosity filled the comments section, with some expressing eagerness to see him explore other places beyond Gauteng. However, some also raised questions about the purpose of his visit to South Africa.

Below are some of the comments:

Dee Masivanda:

Patiently waiting for you here in capetown ????

Mapudege Chivende Leon:

What ever you do in zim pliz dont try it here pliz pliz

Constance Moyo:

Thank you for coming to Gauteng Mr Mugabe, you are welcome

Charity Cheers Smith:

we are not ready here in Cape Town pls

Shepherd Banda:

Come to Rosettenview pls

The Closure DNA Show Goes Regional

Mugabe’s South African visit closely follows his recent trip to Zambia, where he launched a Zambian version of The Closure DNA Show, maintaining the same captivating format as the original Zimbabwean edition.

It’s no surprise that he might be considering launching a South African version too


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