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LEAKED: ‘Govt Plans to Release Sikhala, But Once He’s Out, He Won’t Live Long from Poisoning


Emmerson Mnangagwa’s ZANU PF party has cracked a plan to quickly release incarcerated former Zengeza West MP Job Sikhala from prison.

“They will quickly release Sikhala, but once he is out, he won’t live long,” an impeccable source told ZimEye.

They suggested this is because of poisoning, shortly before making an unprintable utterance.

Some sources have revealed several other plans to poison the fiery legislator.

The development comes as Sikhala revealed in his latest public letter that there have truly been plotted poison him while he is in prison.

Sikhala was imprisoned following the killing of his client, the CCC mother of two, Moreblessing Ali in May 2022.

He represents Ali’s grieving family, and the arrest has been viewed as a way to silence voices demanding justice for the slain mother…

A comment from ZANU PF could not be obtained at the time of writing. The Prisons authorities were neither vlavailablr, but in the last attempt earlier in the year, a senior ZPS officer’s phone was put down soon after receiving the question.



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