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Zanu PF member dies after being attacked by passengers


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A young taxi driver’s life was tragically cut short in Bulawayo after an altercation with passengers turned deadly.

Victor Zamani Ncube, 25, a ZANU PF youth member was well-known for ferrying people around the city centre and western suburbs. In the early hours of Saturday morning, an undisclosed dispute arose during one such ride.

According to reports, after the argument erupted Mr. Ncube pulled over the vehicle. At that point, all occupants turned violently against the driver. He suffered a stab wound to the left hip along with bleeding from his head and mouth.

Paramedics were summoned but upon their arrival, Mr. Ncube had already succumbed to his injuries. He was pronounced dead at the scene.Provincial spokesperson Abednico Ncube said:“An altercation arose between the now-deceased with two passengers over an undisclosed issue.

“The altercation led to the driver stopping the car and all the occupants started to attack the now deceased. He had a stab wound on the left hip and was bleeding from his ears, mouth and nose. He died before the arrival of the ambulance. A police report was made.”

ZANU-PF provincial spokesperson Archbold Chiponda lamented the tragic loss, describing the killing as an immense tragedy.

Four suspects Wellington Ndebele (24), Melcan Moyo (27), Tatenda Webster Tichivangana and Charles Mhindu (40) have since been arrested.

An investigation continues as authorities work to establish full details surrounding what led this routine taxi trip to end in such fatal violence


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