Watch Horror:SA Prophet Shot Dead In Church Conference


In a shocking and tragic incident that has sent shockwaves throughout South Africa, a video has surfaced on social media capturing the horrifying moment when South African prophet Dwayne Gordon was shot dead in a church. The incident took place at a church in Newlands, Johannesburg, during a church conference on Friday night

Prophet Dwayne Gordon was a special guest at Pastor Mervyn and Maria Campher’s Restoration Conference, which had commenced on the day the tragic shooting occurred.

Abram Jee also shared a video showing the moments leading up to Prophet Dwayne Gordon’s tragic death.

In the short video clip, Prophet Dwayne Gordon can be seen standing at the pulpit in front of the congregation, passionately preaching. However, moments later, he moves away from the pulpit and stands a few meters away in shock as armed intruders enter the church.
Watch the video below

In the background, church members can be heard panicking and screaming in fear, with another voice shouting, “Blood of Jesus.” Moments later, the camera goes blank, and gunshots can be heard being fired.

Not only was Prophet Dwayne Gordon killed in the attack, but Pastor Enrico Mosavel, who was also present at the church conference, was reportedly wounded.

The video capturing the harrowing incident has caused an outpouring of reactions on social media. Many are expressing shock and outrage at the audacity of criminals targeting individuals within a church.

Some are even suggesting that churches should consider hiring security companies to protect themselves in the wake of such incidents.

Criminals really have no sense of occasion. Killiñg a pastor at church? Hebanna.


I will take my gun to church, and no one must judge me ?SA is a den of criminals, and we can’t ignore that fact. May his soul rest in peace.

It’s high time churches hire security companies to protect themselves. Condolences to the family of prophet and wish speedily recovery to pastor. We are not safe in Mzansi not at all ☹️☹️☹️


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