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Mudiwa Hood visits Garry’s grave site


Zimbabwean gospel star Mudiwa Hood has visited the grave site of Afro-pop musician Garry Mapanzure who died last week after being involved in a car accident.

To pay his last respect Mudiwa visited Garry Mapanzure‘s home and grave site in Masvingo. he posted pictures with Gary’s family at the gravesite and captioned them:

“After my sister’s funeral I managed to go to Garry’s house and then the Gravesite to pay my last respects to our superstar, met mama, Daddy, muroora, and the whole family, to me Garry was a young respectful superstar, still today I can’t believe the young man is gone ?.
I just hope his legacy goes on and we continue playing and streaming his music so that his son will benefit from his father’s hard work.
Many thanks to everyone who supported Garry while he was alive.
Garry RIP.”
This came after fans questioned Zim celebrities why they were absent at the musician’s funeral. Taking to his official page Mudiwa revealed he could not attend Gary’s funeral as he was also burying his sister. Mudiwa also mentioned that Gary was more like a brother to him, when he was alive he used to give him everything he asked for.

I wish Garry’s death could not have even come, Maybe he could have reached out Achibatawo Maoko as I mourn my sister, He had the love…
Sadly his burial happened at the same time as my sister’s burial, while he was 300km away…I could not have left the grave site heading there…
I praise the Lord Jesus, I showed up big for Garry when he came knocking at my door, not just once…Everything he asked from me I did it for him while he was alive.

I just didn’t share…I was there for him when he was alive and needed my more important support!
Mufunge hakuna rufu runonzi urwu ndorwakakosha, ndichiri kuchema mwana waAmai vangu asiya 5 children who need a mother…
Ndaitodawo vanochema neni kumba kweduwo zuva ravigwa Garry, asi ndinofunga vanhu vanga vane zvakavabatawo?
Zvirinyore kutukirira afirwa kuti siya hanzvadzi yako unochena kwatinoda isusu…kune rufu rwakakosha here kupfura rimwe ?…
Rufu inzira yemunhu wese, muchasangananazvowo muhupenyu umu, it is easy kutikurira afirwa nekuti Haakwanise kukupindurai mose…asi Jesu wakatendeka muchamarangarira mashoko aya kwenyu zvichasvikawo
Heartless people…I help Musicians (big and small) and a lot of people while they are alive, as we speak I am paying fees for 25 students I never met?.
if I fail to show up at a funeral cause I am burying my Family, I should be comforted not treated unkindly by people who have never helped anyone!”


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