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Father st@bs 9-year-old son


A nine-year-old boy was seriously st@bbed by his father for failing to find a glue which his father had sent him to collect.

The horrendous incident happened in Mphoengs, Plumtree on 30 September, when Oscar Mpala(46), allegedly st@bbed his son once in the face and on the arm.

It is alleged that on the said day at around 19:00 hours, Mpala who was mending his bicycle sent his son to collect glue in one of his huts.

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However, the little boy could not find the glue prompting the accused to commit the crime.

Realising that his son had sustained deep cuts and injuries, the father tried to conceal the crime by denying the child medication as well as stopping him from going to school for 10 days.

Upon resumption of school, the authorities discovered that the child was injured and took him to hospital leading to the father’s arrest.

Appearing before Plumtree magistrate’s court yesterday, Mr Joshua Nembaware, gave the accused a custodial sentence for the henous crime.

Mpala was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment of which 6 months were suspended for 5 years on condition that he does not commit a similar offence.

Mr Voster Makuwerere presented the state


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