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Surprising revelations: Zahara’s cause of d3ath and marital status revealed


Bulelwa “Zahara” Mkutukana’s d3ath certificate has been released, shedding light on her marital status and the cause of d3ath.

Zahara, who passed away in a Johannesburg public hospital last Monday after being transferred from Netcare Olivedale Hospital, had been admitted due to complications with her liver shortly after celebrating her birthday on November 9th.

The health issues began when Zahara experienced stomach pains following the lobola payment made by her fiancé, Mpho Xaba. Concerned about the persistent pain, she was promptly taken to the hospital. Zahara spent around two weeks in the medical ward before her deteriorating health led to a transfer to the ICU. Doctors discovered significant damage to her liver, and after a series of delicate tests, Zahara slipped into a coma with collapsed lungs and affected kidneys.

According to a source close to the Mkutukana family, Zahara was hospitalized just two days after the lobola payment, initially in a private hospital in northern Johannesburg, and later transferred to the ICU as her condition worsened.

Surprisingly, the d3ath certificate, as reported by Scrolla.Africa, lists Zahara as single, despite her recent lobola payment. The cause of d3ath is recorded as natural.

A source told Scrolla.Africa that Zahara’s husband still had an outstanding balance of R30,000 towards the lobola. She fell ill and was hospitalized just two days after their traditional wedding.

When approached for comment by the same publication, Zahara’s husband expressed a desire to focus on celebrating her life at the moment. He mentioned that discussions about other matters, including the lobola, could take place after the funeral.

“We will entertain all the other politics much later, after her funeral,” he said


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