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SA man in court for k?lling 6 Zimbabwean women


A 21-year-old South African ex-convict, who is alleged to have r@ped and k@lled six Zimbabwean women in cold bl00d, is expected back in court today.

Sifiso Mkwananzi was arrested in 2022 on allegations of r@ping and k!lling six Zimbabwean women, plus charges of robbery in aggravating circumstances and possession of a firearm.

The bodies of the women were found at a panel-beating workshop in Johannesburg.

Three of the m_rdered women were identified as Joyce Moyo, Nyarai Chihota and Patricia Magaisa.

Mkwananzi was in court last Friday and is expected back today, where the National Prosecuting Authority will have witnesses who will support the allegation of premeditation and r@pe.

Sifiso Mkwananzi

Through his lawyer, Advocate Vuyolwethu Maqeka, Mkwananzi admitted to k!lling the women, but insisted it was “unintentional”.

“I could not fathom going to jail for an offence I did not commit,” he said. “K!lling them was just an instinctive reaction which suddenly arose during our arguments. I, therefore, deny that the murders were premeditated.”

Investigating officer Mr Vincent Saunders said he believes the murders were revenge m_rders after he was jailed for 10 months in 2021, for r@ping a commercial s÷x worker.

He added that all the six women “were k?lled in the same manner and all the six were Zimbabweans”.


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