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Ndipe yedrink : Traffic Council Police asking for bribe from vehicle owners in Harare CBD


It does not take 2 minutes for Council traffic police to demand a bribe termed “buy a drink”.

A car owner parked his vehicle along George Silundika Avenue close to an Econet Shop located on First Street.

The man (name withheld ) parked his Nissan vehicle , locked the door and got out to buy an ice cream from the vendor who was selling the creams 30metres away.

Suprisingly before the man didnt even reached the vendor the vehicles was already clamped and the Traffic police was busy calling his partner in crime which was a lady holding another clamping device to come closer and celebrate their new savings.

Moving closer to were the police officer was, Newsreportzim.com noticed that the lady was now writting a fake ticket with an offense written parked outside parking slot threatening the vehicle owner with harsh penalty of $57 and additional towing and storage costs.

The Traffic Police moved aside with the vehicle owner and started demanding a bribe calling it ndipe ye drink or else you are going to pay $57. The owner was willing to pay $2 since the drink costs $2 and he started demanding $40 for bribe or else face the real problem.

After a moment the Vehicle owner produced $20 saying thats all he had . The duo started moving out discussing whether they should risk their job by accepting that tiny bribe.

They council policeman kept saying make it $40 , keep threatening the man saying we are many on this amount, there is someone at our offices who will cancel the receipt ,he needs some share. Wedzera shamwari drink rako harigutse iri.

Then had no option but to pay the needed $40. So my questions are:

If they are making $40 on 1 vehicle what about 20 vehicles on 1 day the scoop $1000 in one month almost $30000.

Imagine this one person and his friends. The council have many traffic police


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