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Implications of copyright strikes on Winky D’s channel


Reports confirm that the talented musician Winky D is currently grappling with copyright issues surrounding two of his popular tracks, ‘Disappear’ and ‘Mirror.’ These hits, produced by the label Kenako Music, have triggered two copyright strikes on Winky D’s YouTube channel.

The songs have been deleted from Winky D’s YouTube channel,winkyonline. This development has put the artist in a precarious situation, as a third copyright strike would lead to the complete shutdown of his YouTube channel.

Implications of Copyright Strikes on Winky D’s Channel
The consequences of receiving copyright strikes on a YouTube channel are severe. With two strikes already issued, Winky D faces the imminent risk of losing his channel, impacting his online presence and connection with fans.

If a third strike is issued, YouTube’s policy mandates the termination of the channel. This erases all content and subscribers associated with it. This could significantly hinder Winky D’s ability to share his music and engage with his audience through the popular video-sharing platform.

The copyright strikes on Winky D’s songs are attributed to Kenako Music, the recording label that produced the songs. According to reports, Kenako has not received royalties from the artist on the two songs. Winky D’s contract with Kenako stipulated that the label would receive royalties from the songs they produced.

The song Disappear was produced by one of Winky D’s go-to producers, Oskid when he was still working under Kenako. The producer parted ways with the label in 2015 and created his music label, Oskid Productions.

Winky D has yet to respond publicly to the copyright strikes. Fans eagerly await his statement on the matter, hoping for insights into the nature of the disputes and potential resolutions.

As the situation unfolds, how Winky D and Kenako Music will address the copyright challenges remains to be seen. Artists in similar predicaments have explored options such as negotiations, licensing agreements, or even seeking legal advice to navigate these complex contracts.

In the past few days, Jah Signal had his hit song ‘Sweetie’ taken down from YouTube. This was due to a copyright claim from The Charambas and Fishers of Men. The Charambas also reportedly had Brian Samaita’s song removed from YouTube again


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