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Netizens slam Madam Boss for creating personal GoFundMe instead of helping those in need


Zimbabwean socialite Madam Boss has courted ire on social media after she created a Go-FundMe fundraising campaign for herself.

Madam Boss who is well known for her comedy skits has set up a GoFundMe to raise funds to grow and expand her comedy career.

Taking to her Facebook page, she posted the GoFundMe link and captioning the post, she encouraged her fans and followers to donate. She wrote;

Click the link and put a dollar ???? lets make history
1,6 Million Celebration ????
Let’s go guys ????????????????❤️

Madam Boss sister Fungai Mtisi who also happens to be her manager is the one that organized the GoFundMe fundraiser for her.

A statement posted on the GoFundMe explaining the reasons behind the fundraiser, reveals that the fundraiser was created to raise funds for Madam Boss so that she could buy state of the art equipment for her comedy skits.

“Tyra has inspired many people through her comedy skits and has created a career for herself. In the quest to expand and to compete with world renowned artists, the goal for the year 2024 is to “acquire state of the art equipment “ which will position her creativity and content to world class standards,” reads part of the statement.

The fundraiser aims to raise at least £10, 000. At the time of writing, so far 31 people have donated and she has raised £275.

Madam Boss GoFundMe fundraiser has however sparked outrage on social media. Social media users are blasting her for creating a GoFundMe fundraiser opining that she is well off and already has money. Netizens lambasted her saying that she is greedy and selfish for creating a GoFundMe for herself when they are people struggling and are in need. Netizens argued that she should have created a GoFundMe to raise funds for the needy and those in dire need for financial help instead of herself .

Critics stated that a GoFundMe was not best platform for her to raise funds to pursue and expand her career.

Here are some of the reactions

@Home Ideas

Your husband is in Europe working.
Your making money here on Facebook .
You have a beautiful house.
Your are driving a good car.
Your child is going to a private school in Zimbabwe. And you want money from people ???? aaaah iwe aaah .

@Nyasha Dzashe

Guys nemari yamuinayo kudhara you create a go fund me to get more money mmmm. Madam boss you have very big brands that sponsor you vana Nyaradzo avo who can just get you that equipment yamukuda if you approach them. haaaa go fund me siiraiwo vafirwa nevari kurwara amana vanonyatso needer help to be honest. Anwae its none of my business

@Tinotenda Ruzivo

This is a selfish fundraising. Who is it going to benefit? There are other people in need who can’t afford anything. The rich getting richer shuwa. ????. Enough is never enough..

@Ntombi Enhle

Go Fund Me for what?Stop being greedy for money. Stop abusing that Go Fund Me .There is someone who needs to go for treatment but cannot afford the money needed.That’s when Go Fund Me comes in. Not for someone like you. Who needs money just to show off .And boost your business. Nxa

@Onelia Micky

Haaaaaa gegegege daylight wickedness please stop they are people who really need this not you please be Grateful

@Tarie Chik

What “state of the art” equipment is needed to do skits zvekutoita go fund me? Ko madzisahwira ana Mai Nandi havakwanise here kumubatsira than resort to begging from people who are already suffering ????????‍♀️


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