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Harare Woman shocked as Int!m@te videos with ex-Lover Le@ked Online


A Harare woman, Sally Sallom Chikodzi, has expressed feelings of betrayal and humiliation after discovering that videos of her were recorded without her consent and subsequently posted on social media. According to Sally, the individuals behind this act were allegedly working on behalf of her former lover, Lazarus James.

Sally revealed that she had been in a relationship with Lazarus James for four years, during which time he managed her business. However, their relationship took an ugly turn, leading to its end. Sally claimed that Lazarus resorted to hiring a private investigator to harass her, record her, and share the videos on social media.

The situation escalated when Sally experienced a miscarriage and demanded more financial support from Lazarus for her medical treatment. This request allegedly led to their separation, with Lazarus accusing Sally of faking her pregnancy to extort money from him.

Sally further disclosed that despite their long-term relationship, Lazarus had not formalized their union through lobola payment. She expressed her disappointment at discovering that Lazarus was not single as he had initially claimed and had another girlfriend.

The le@ked videos and r0mantic photographs of Sally and Lazarus have become the subject of discussion within the Hwange community, adding to Sally’s distress and sense of betrayal.

Sally condemned the actions of Lazarus and the individuals involved in recording and sharing the videos, describing them as inhumane, abusive, and defamatory. She emphasized that they had lived together as husband and wife, and their children were united, making the situation even more distressing for her.

Efforts to reach Lazarus James for his perspective on the matter were unsuccessful at the time of reporting


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