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We Were Starving: Zim Ch*ating Teachers Caught Poking


We Were Starving: Cheating Teachers Caught Doing Tlof Tlof at Westridge Primary School in Belvedere, Harare

A scandal has rocked Westridge Primary School in Belvedere, as two teachers, Thomas Chikanga, 51, and Nomathamsanqa Nyathi, 36, were discovered in a compromising situation over the weekend.

The affair, which had been ongoing for a month, was revealed when the pair was found together in b_d during the early hours of Saturday.

Chikanga and Nyathi, colleagues at the school, had been engaging in an ad_lterous relationship despite Nyathi being married to Noel Matiza, a soldier stationed in Kwekwe.
Nyathi’s husband’s absence provided them with opportunities to conduct their affair, even within the confines of Nyathi’s matrimonial home.

Nyathi reportedly introduced Chikanga to her children, passing his visits off as assistance with her teaching responsibilities. Chikanga would spend nights at Nyathi’s home in Budiriro, departing before dawn to avoid detection by her children.

Their clandestine activities came to an abrupt halt when Nyathi’s husband received a tip-off and caught them red-handed. Chikanga expressed remorse, claiming he was misled by Nyathi, who had allegedly informed him that she was separated from her husband.

In her defense, Nyathi cited loneliness due to her husband’s prolonged absence as the catalyst for her actions, expressing a desire to enter a polygamous relationship with Chikanga.

Matiza, Nyathi’s husband, lamented her infidelity, revealing that this was not the first time she had strayed. He recalled a previous incident where she was caught with another man, leading to a temporary separation.

While Matiza refrained from physical confrontation, he indicated plans to seek recourse through traditional means, intending to consult a traditional healer regarding the matter.

The revelation of this scandal has sent shockwaves through the school community, prompting discussions about professional conduct and personal integrity among educators


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