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Ras Caleb song, “ZiG mari” gets him a car


Ras Caleb born as Caleb Tareka is an award winning Zimdancehall artist. Ras Caleb is popularly known for songs that include Tokwe Mukosi and Nehanda. It was his song “Tokwe Mukosi” which proved to be a runaway success, making him a household name and a force to reckon with in the Zimdancehall circles.

Below post from Wicknel

What a wonderful song… Congratulations Ras Caleb your Toyota Aqua is ready for collection…Madzibaba Chipaga will also give you TWO thousand United States dollars…This level of unmatched patriotism is impressive and can’t be ignored…Enjoy your AKWAYA my brother…Zve ZANU PF zvino dadisa EDELIVERS…EDWORKS… EDHUCHI…2030 ANENGE ARIPO…????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.


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