Video:Unashamed Passion Java Responds After His Side Chick Reveals That She Is Pregnant



Unashamed Passion Java Responds After His Side Chick Reveals That She Is Pregnant
Passion Java (File Image)

Controversial self-proclaimed man of God Passion Java has finally responded after his side chick revealed that she is pregnant.

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Passion Java Side Chick Leshaan

Taking to Instagram, in a short video clip Passion Java did not deny nor confirm the reports that are circulating on social media. Instead, Passion Java who seems to be impressed with himself for having impregnated his side chick came up with biblical examples of men who were involved in polygamous relationships.

Unapologetic, Passion Java boastfully said;

“Akomana ka, vakomana vemubhabheri vayinakirwa. Hmmm baba vayiita kunge movie life yavo, vayinakirwa. David ayichaya, kuchaya, ayinakirwa akarova mkadzi wemunhu. Mfesi ndasamunzwisisa. Shamwari Jacob akashanda for 14 years, kushandira vakadzi two kuti anakirwe.

Solomon akaroora vakadzi one thousand, iwe wobva wati Passion usanakirwe.”

He laughed off before telling those that are following his story to leave him alone.

Watch the video below as Passion Java responds;


Passion Java’s response comes hours after his side chick Leshaan Da Gama, dropped a video on social media in which she claims to be pregnant and carrying the “man of God’s” child.

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In the video which Leshaan dropped on Instagram, she revealed that her relationship with Passion Java used to be a good one. She said she doesn’t regret getting pregnant but only regrets the person she had the baby with.

I don’t regret getting pregnant. I just regret the person I had a baby with.

But once upon a time, we were in love. We always fought for each other. We always put each other first. Always were there for each other

watch the video below



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