Home News Highfield drug dealer to give birth in prison

Highfield drug dealer to give birth in prison


A 35-year-old Highfield drug dealer is expected to give birth while serving her sentence at Chikurubi Female Prison.

Rumbidzai Temera was sentenced to eight months in prison for peddling illicit drugs.

She was arrested in November last year and convicted in July.

“Prison life is not good at all and I regret selling dangerous drugs to people for the love of money,” said Temera.

“I separated from my husband and was lured by other people to engage in selling drugs.

“I sold crystal meth, popularly known as mutoriro, and it affected a number of my clients’ lives.

“I want to believe that God is now punishing me for putting people’s lives at risk, for the love of money.

“My child will be born in prison, and it is my fault that I chose a bad life for my unborn baby.“I would like to warn other drug dealers out there that making money from selling dangerous drugs does not pay.

“On my release, I will start a business of making detergents and other good jobs,” she said


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