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Kudzai Mushonga tattoos Khanyi Mbau’s name on his chest


Mzansi actress Khanyi Mbau’s boyfriend, Kudzai Mushonga, has boldly expressed his love after he tattoos her name across his chest. Mushonga has found a way to immortalize his affection by tattooing Khanyi’s name onto his chest.

Their love story, which seemed improbable to some, has defied expectations and flourished since their reunion. The couple has shared adventures around the globe, cherishing each moment they have together.

In a surprising turn of events in 2021, the renowned actress showcased her commitment by getting a tattoo of Mushonga on her thigh, dispelling any doubts about the strength of their bond.

The interchange of this gesture was revealed during a Live video, where eagle-eyed netizens spotted Mushonga proudly displaying the tattoo of Khanyi’s name on his chest.

The online community erupted with excitement, speculating that this act symbolizes a deep commitment and an enduring connection between the two. Fans are fervently rooting for the couple, expressing their hope that they will defy the odds and stay united.

“Ai too soon for a tattoo. At least wait 5 to 10 years of a relationship before getting a partner’s name tattoo.”

“She played with us. We were busy bad-mouthing this guy because of how she left Dubai, now she has a tattoo of his name??”

The two were rumoured to have broken up earlier this year, and Kudzai was even said to have moved on. Khanyi Mbau returned to South Africa, and Kudzai even shared that their relationship was toxic.

However, just a few weeks after the news, the two shared that they were back together. After the two reunited, they met each other’s family and are fast on their way to marriage.


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