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7 Zimbabweans Escape From South Africa’s Grahamstown Prison In Real Life “Prison Break”(Names)


The authorities in South Africa have launched a manhunt for 7 Zimbabweans who escaped from Grahamstown Prison in Makhanda, Eastern Cape, early on Tuesday.

The 7 Zimbabweans were in remand detention at Grahamstown Correctional Facility. They had been arrested and charged with rhino poaching when they made their escape from the prison.

According to the Citizen, South Africa’s Department of Correctional Services (DCS) together with the South African Police Services (SAPS) are still to establish how the 7 managed to escape from the prison.

DCS has since launched an investigation to establish how the 7 poachers managed to escape from prison. The 7 have since been identified as

1. Nhamo Muyambo

2. Francis Chitho

3. Trymore Chauke

4. Lubuyo September

5. Abraham Moyane

6. Simba Masinge

7. Bennet Kwarrile

7 Zimbabweans Escape From South Africa’s Grahamstown Prison, Authorities Launch Manhunt

The authorities have appealed for any information which can lead to the re-arrest of the 7 Zimbabweans. In a statement, the DCS said,

“They are considered dangerous and should not be confronted if spotted, information should be shared with the nearest police station. Their images will be shared during the course of the day.”

Correctional Services spokeswoman Singabakho Nxumalo said in a statement to eNCA that at about 4:20 am, prison wardens discovered a security breach at the facility and started to count the inmates. They realised that seven prisoners were missing at that point.

Nxumalo noted that while the public is being asked to help with the manhunt, they should exercise caution because the escapees are deemed dangerous.

“This incident took place in the early hours of Tuesday, 18 October, 2022. DCS is appealing to the public to assist with any information that may lead to the re-arrest of the seven.”

“When you spot the seven, kindly contact the police station as apprehending them may be too risky as we consider them to be extremely dangerous,” said Nxumalo.

The spokesperson further said that although it appears that the detainees may have operated independently, more information will become available after additional investigations have been carried out


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