Breaking:(Video)Zimbabwe Republic Police stormed the stage and ordered Dance Hall musician Winky D to stop his live performance in Chitungwiza


Zimbabwean musician Winky D, whose real name is Wallace Chirumiko, was stopped by the Zimbabwe Republic Police from performing his latest song with Zimbabwean rapper Holy Ten called “Ibotso” during a performance on Saturday night in Chitungwiza. This news has shocked the country and has sparked controversy about the nature of the song.

The song “Ibotso” has been interpreted by some as having political undertones, leading to concerns about censorship and freedom of expression in Zimbabwe. However, others believe that the song is not political in nature and that the ban is unwarranted.

Social media users in Zimbabwe have expressed their disappointment and anger over the suppression of Winky D’s music, with many criticizing the government for stifling artistic expression. Some have even called for protests against the government’s actions.

The ban on Winky D‘s music comes at a time of heightened political tensions in Zimbabwe, with the ruling party cracking down on opposition voices and human rights activists. Many see this as part of a broader pattern of government suppression of dissenting voices in the country.

Winky D’s Controversial Song Stopped by Zimbabwe Republic Police
Winky D’s Controversial Song Stopped by Zimbabwe Republic Police
Winky D, who is known for his socially conscious music, has not yet commented on the incident. It is unclear whether he will be allowed to perform the song in the future, or if this marks the beginning of a wider crackdown on artistic expression in Zimbabwe.

This incident raises important questions about the state of freedom of expression in Zimbabwe and the role of art and music in political discourse. As the country continues to navigate these turbulent times, it is essential that the voices of all Zimbabweans are heard and that artistic expression is not suppressed.

Based on the video below, it appears that there is a noticeable tension between Winky D’s supporters and the police. We encourage you to view the complete footage from Newsday to gain a better understanding of the situation.”

Watch the video below


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